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A solution for everyone

Lift Your Table® Folding Table Risers quickly transform most folding tables to the height you need with no tools required. Our patented table extenders require no tools and can be set up in a snap!



• Perfect for restaurants, caterers, chefs, hotels, convention centers, retailers, exhibitors, street fair and show vendors who need a higher work or serving surface for the safety of workers and comfort of guests.

• Vendors use various height risers for product displays and work counters.

Warehouse backroom logistics, sorting, and packing/fulfillment benefit from overall improved productivity.


• Achieve a quick and easy podium, information table, standing desk, office mailing center, condiment table or work surface for technology projects.

• Teachers, Groomers, DJ's, photographers, producers, accountants, churches, synagogues and places of worship benefit from Lift Your Table® folding tables risers.


• Allows quilters, sewers and other crafters the ability to lay out fabric and materials at a comfortable standing height so they are able to craft longer with no back pain.

• Table remains portable and reposition-able.



• Ideal for projects, extra counter space, gift-wrapping, and entertaining - no more bending down to grab drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

• Party guests serve themselves from a higher, more comfortable height.

Say goodbye to lower back pain

Sitting too long is not healthy. Ergonomic experts believe prolonged sitting can not only affect your health, but it can even be deadly. Many serious health concerns associated with sitting for long periods include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar/diabetes, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and even some types of cancer. Other concerns include: poor posture (and resulting back pain), weight gain/obesity/metabolism slow down, sluggishness, and negative productivity.    

Introducing the Lift Your Table® Standing Desk Kit


What our customers are saying:

  • "Anyone who cuts fabric for sewing projects would love this solution to save your back. Such a simple idea that works so well."
    Valerie Wilson
  • "I am a DJ and I get tired of bending over all the time on a normal table. This thing did the trick! It puts everything at a much easier level so I can see it and reach for it so much easier."
    DJ BreezeIt
  • "I now have a standing desk at the fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Highly recommended."
    Krishna M. Sadasivam
  • "These are a life-saver. I am going to get them for all of my work tables. No more hunching over! And, I can stand and work if I want to. We know that sitting is really bad for us. This was a VERY worthwhile purchase."
  • "Wow! These were the perfect solution to use at our food booth during a big event. Instead of purchasing another stainless steel prep table, we used these to elevate our normal 8' tables and they were a lifesaver! Or should I say back-saver?"
    Angela H.

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Please email us or call with any questions or for more information or for a special shipping rate if ordering 20 or more sets.

Lift Your Table®  has partnered with Walmart to offer folding tables and floor mats that are ideal for use with our folding table risers. There are several options available, which you can see here.